Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Going Bento?

How many of my readers love Asian food? I DO!! It's my all-time favorite type of cuisine and for those of you who share this sentiment, we are lucky because Asian food, in most cases, are very easy to make into a healthy version. That is if it isn't already healthy!

My boyfriend have been toying with the idea of eating out of Bento Boxes. Originally coming from Japan, a Bento Box is a small lunchbox that you need to be creative to hold any amount of food in. 

I came across this blog: Just Bento and it really got me thinking. And got me hungry as well! This website is packed full of yummy asian dishes (and some non-asian) from all across the board. There are some with meat, some are vegetarian, some are vegan, some are completely gluten free. Since I know there are so many ideas of what is good and bad for a PCOSer to eat, this website kinda touches the bases of any kind of lifestyle.

The reason I like the Bento so much, is that its portion controlled. You can only hold so much food in one of those things and you need to make choices like, "is this one piece of chocolate worth the room it is going to take in my lunchbox and ultimately I wont have room for something else?" You can also put anything you want in it! Don't like asian food? Don't eat it! Put pasta, mini-hamburgers, salad, tuna sandwiches, etc etc inside of one of these bad boys!

Don't want to look crazy eating out of a tiny lunchbox? Check out this more Americanized version on Amazon

Check it out and let me know in the comments what you think!

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